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Vans Skate > has been selling Vans Shoes and Vans Trainers since the 1960's. That is a lie of course but it does feel like over half a century given the number of shoes we have sold to the UK.

Vans shoes are more than just a Skate Shoe they are a lifestyle statement. Vans Skate Shoes are what is all about. Without Vans shoes what kind of a skate shop are you. Vans is original and authentic something that not may shoe brands can claim.

At, you can purchase Vans skate shoes, Vans skate hoodys, and Vans skate clothing. In fact the Skate clothing is now so popular that you will often see a vans head to foot styled dude on a skateboard. The only thing skate thing Vans don't make is the Skateboard!

Vans shoes continue to go from strength to strength whether is be for ripping it on a scooter or tricking on a skateboard. Vans is not a revolution it is just a powerhouse of avid Vans followers