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Triple 8 is an action sports protective gear brand founded in the US during the mid 1990s. Triple 8 offers skateboarders the best there is in quality protective gear to cover them from head to toe so that they can push their limits while being safe. Triple 8 knee pads, elbow pads and helmets are used by shops and skate parks around the world that rent safety gear as it's deemed simply the best on the market.

Triple 8 is the only protective gear brand on the market today that offers the highest possible level of innovation, craftsmanship and style. This brand's products are used by skateboarders, snowboarders, inline skaters, bikers, wakeboarders and roller derby teams. Regardless if you are a professional or a newbie to your extreme sport of choice, you can rest assured that Triple 8 will have you protected so that you can perfect your performance without having to worry about not wearing the correct protection.