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The process of choosing the right skateboard bearings you need lies in you knowing something about quality. Skateboard bearings don't vary in size but they do vary a lot in terms of quality. The most expensive bearings out there are made with high quality sealing, have more inner ball-bearings and are made with better metals.

Skateboard bearings often have ABEC rating and this is where some skateboarders get confused. In a nutshell, ABEC 1 bearings are the most basic, least precise and cheapest. ABEC 3 are what most cheaper skateboards come with and especially boards made in China. ABEC 5 are the so-called 'norm' in skateboards. These bearings give you good speed and at a good price point.

ABEC 7 are very fast and smooth bearings while ABEC 9 are the highest and the right bearings for you if you want to travel insanely fast! Bones Swiss Ceramics bearings are in a class all their own as these bearings are much lighter, harder, stronger and more long-lasting than any other bearings on the market.