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Osiris Skate Shoes was founded in 1996 by Tony Chen, Doug Weston, Tony Magnusson, Brian Reid and Laura Kim. The group created the Osiris Skate Shoe company when they saw a niche in the market for pro designed and endorsed skateboard shoes and thus Osiris Skate Shoes were founded.

Osiris Shoes ares known for their innovative approach to shoe design, bold colours and quality. The Osiris Skate Shoe company produces, markets, and distributes skate and lifestyle shoes, apparel, and accessories. The Osiris team and ethos has now spread from it's skateboarding roots and now includes BMX, MX, and surf riders. Osiris BMX Shoes, Osiris Skate Shoes Osiris MX Shoes and Osiris Surf Shoes - high impact shoes for a high impact lifestyle,

Throughout the Osiris Skate Shoe range there is a great combination of rich materials. vivid colors and individual textile choices. Osiris is often seen as a market leader that is often imitated, but we are sure that Osiris will continue to be a true leader with it's unique approach to Osiris Shoes designs