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Micro Mobility Systems,LTD or Micro is a kick scooter company based in Switzerland. Founded in the mid 1990s, the goal of this brand was to develop, produce and market various products related to mobility for kids, teens and adults. The products this brand made were designed to make it fast and easy to cover short distances and to keep fit at the same time. Today the Micro brand scooters are firmly engrained in the urban culture and are known to be some of the best quality scooters out there.

This brand makes a strong point that even though other scooter builders around the world try to make scooters like the ones it produces, that the Micro brand has never attempted to make scooters like theirs. Micro scooters are made to be rugged, long-lasting and the types of scooters serious riders can rely on when doing tricks. This brand is constantly moving forward to be more innovative while keeping with its sense of unique originality.