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Skate Shoes are not Skate Shoes unless they've a team of pro skateboarders by their side. To show their high quality as skate footwear, all of the Lakai skate shoes have been worn by pro boarders including Rob Welsh, Jeff Lenoce, Vincent Alvarez, Guy Mariano, Nic Kane, Lucas Puig, Mark Sucio, Jesus Fernandez, Cairo Foster, Mike Mo Capaldi, Danny Brady and Nick Jensen.

Lakai Shoes and Footwear is a company based in California that creates Lakai Skate shoes designed for and inspired by skateboarding. Recognised for great looks, the logo and outstanding durability Lakai shoes are now known as a quality skate shoe. Lakai Skate shoes are genuinely comfortable but can also be put to the test on a skate park - if you have the skills.

Lakai Shoes was created for real skateboarders by professional skateboarders Mike Carroll and Rick Howard back in 1999.