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Dakine at Dakine Skate Packs and Dakine Skate Rucksacks in the UK.

Hawaii Pidgin English was created as a way for native Hawaiians, Japanese and Europeans who gathered on Hawaii to easily communicate - now it's a way for the Hawaiians to tell themselves from everybody else. Dakine is the ultimate pidgin phrase, and can mean virtually anything, as long as it's unapologetically Hawaiian, absolutely laid-back and combined with the sense of adventure, joy and friendship that embodies the spirit of surf culture.

Dakine is also a stylish brand, which has grabbed ahold of the same spirit that flows through Hawaii Pidgin English. Dakine Rucksacks, Dakine MX Bags, Dakine MTB Bags hold your stuff and your island spirit. Use a Dakine MX Bag when you go riding and use its durable construction and handy compartments to hold all of your gear while you catch air. Dakine Rucksacks and Dakine MTB Bags at are also great for travel and adventure, plus, wow your friends with their great designs and islander style.

Use a Dakine Rucksack on your way to and from University and change your boring commute into a chance for adventure. Use a Dakine bag at to take everything you might need and give you an excuse for mountain-climbing detours and parkour field trips.

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